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Red rust weathering steel plate landscape

The main component of weathering board is weathering steel, which is a type of weathering board that is more resistant to corrosion and high temperature and pressure. It is used in many gardens and landscapes. Over the years, many buildings have been used. This kind of weather-resistant board. The alloy composition and weight percentage content of weathering board are: C: ≤0.12, Si: 0.25~0.75, Mn: 0.2~0.5, S ≤0.02, P: 0.06~0.12, Cu: 0.25~0.5, Cr: 0.3~1.25 , Ni: 0.12~0.65, the rest are Fe and trace elements. It can be seen that the chemical properties of the weathering board are relatively stable, the combination of elements is relatively reasonable, and it is a relatively corrosion-resistant product that is not prone to deterioration and corrosion in the atmosphere.

The curtain wall is the outer wall of the building. It is not load-bearing and hangs up like a curtain, so it is also called "curtain wall". It is a light-weight wall with decorative effect commonly used in modern large and high-rise buildings. A building envelope or decorative structure that is composed of a panel and a supporting structure system that can have a certain displacement relative to the main structure or has a certain deformation capacity, and does not bear the role of the main structure (external wall frame support system is also a curtain wall system One of them). Its main function is for publicity and display, and it is a thing that attaches great importance to external appearance.

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