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Why the weathering board is not corroded

Source:     Time:2021-05-24

At the current stage, there are also some contemporary sculptures in residential quarters in the garden landscape ecological park. There is often a rusty steel raw material. It shows a design concept of industrial production and contemporary art, and its color and layering are very obvious. Tsundere's surface is closely related to the surrounding topography, showing a kind of industrial production and present-day beauty in form. Its personal opinion depends on the thickness of the protective layer that is exposed to the geological structure and, with the change of time, the surface layer leads to corrosion resistance. There is no need to paint and maintain, the weathering board that looks rusty on the surface is very durable. This is the key reason why the weathering board raw materials are so hot. Then why the weathering board can guarantee embroidering and not decay? Everyone elaborate.

The basic element of corrosion resistance of weather-resistant board artwork depends on that the raw material of weather-resistant board is a kind of carbon steel. Weather-resistant board refers to adding a small amount of aluminum profile elements to make it have the corrosion resistance of carbon steel in the air. A higher-quality ferritic stainless steel plate, the surface layer of which causes a defensive rust layer under long-term exposure to the sun, thereby rationally conducting and blocking the penetration and transmission of corrosive compounds.

  Its vapor corrosion resistance can exceed 2-8 times that of ordinary carbon steel, and the longer the application time, the more prominent its weather resistance effect. Weathering board also has high-quality theoretical mechanics, arc laser welding, arc welding, electric welding and other characteristics. Because weathering boards can be applied to some terrain and landforms without surface safety protection such as painting, the development and design of weathering boards and corrosion scientific research have always been a hot news in steel scientific research. Compared with carbon steel, the key reason why weathering boards have high-quality vapor corrosion resistance is: After long-term vapor exposure, the surface layer has resulted in a stable and high-density defensive rust layer, which prevents the corrosion of corrosive compounds. Into, so it has the function of maintenance.

  Why can weathering board rust and not rot?

   Weathering board is different from ordinary steel. At the beginning, it will cause corrosion on the surface like ordinary steel. Due to its high level of aluminum alloy profiles, this entire process is even faster than ordinary steel. However, because the internal lattice constant of the weathering board is more complicated, under the loose rust on the surface, a dark-gray rust layer with high density will continue to grow again. This rust layer is composed of nano-particle α-FeOOH. In a high-density rust layer here, the nickel molecular structure replaces part of the position of the iron atoms, which promotes the replacement of positive ions in the rust layer and inhibits the positive ion basis for erosion.

   is also this high-density rust layer, which promotes that although the surface layer of the weathering board is rusted, the inside is not easy to be rusted again. In fact, if you carefully identify it, you can see that the surface layer of the weathering board is not the same as the general rust: the rust of the weathering board is uniform and high in density, and the stainless steel plate is maintained close to the surface of the stainless steel plate; and the rust The mottled, loose and porous material will drop slag when touched. That kind of rust not only fails to maintain the steel, but "leads wolves into the room", sucking water and co2 to the surface of the steel.

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