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Frequently asked questions about weather-resistant curtain wall rust steel plate

Source:     Time:2021-05-24

Frequently asked questions and answers

  Question 1: Can the hue of rust be adjusted?

   Answer: People are only diligent to present the color of the weather-resistant curtain wall rust steel plate itself as soon as possible, so the color is only concentrated in the middle of light yellow to dark brown, and cannot be adjusted to other colors.

  Question 2: After the rust color is set, will the performance not change?

Answer: There is a detailed introduction in the body of the article mentioned in this problem. Rust is a gradual color process. After the color is adjusted, although there is a change, it is also very slow and of course. Most people can't see it, but can only be careful. The owners of the community only realized that it was changing, which also conferred the characteristics of vitality on the thick steel plate.

  Q3: Will the rust that was transformed with your liquid medicine fall off?

Answer: People’s liquid medicines have been carefully developed and continuously improved. The converted rust will fall off slightly after being wiped by the hand, and it is not easy to stain tourists’ clothes and pants. And with the change of time, the rust layer is getting more and more. The stronger it is.

  Q4: How should your liquid medicine be applied?

  Answer: People's liquid medicine design plan is about 0.2-0.5L per square meter, and the specific engineering construction method has specific guidance when purchasing.

  Q5: If you only buy everyone's liquid medicine and not the raw materials, can the quality be ensured?

Answer: The genuine weather-resistant rust-resistant steel plate for curtain wall is a high-tech steel grade, and not all manufacturers can produce products that meet the standard. At this stage, the specific distributors of China South Locomotive and China CNR can only be manufactured by Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Baosteel Co., Ltd. The raw materials of 09cupcrni-a. The market price of genuine corroded steel plates is relatively high. At this stage, the Chinese steel market is sluggish, and many illegal stores use q235NH, SPAH, b480nqr, q295nh, q355nh and other low-grade marine container thick steel plates (similar to the previous period) It is sold as a genuine corroded steel plate, and the price is monopolized. Therefore, if there is no weathering steel plate purchased by our factory, our factory can not guarantee the quality of the medicine for the time being.

  Question 6: The cost of rusting agent is relatively high, can it be cleaned with hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid to get the actual effect of rust?

Answer: Weather-resistant steel plates can only be resistant to air erosion, not acid corrosion. Our factory has already tested hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and hydrochloric acid products, and the result is that it is very easy to blacken the surface of the thick steel plate, and the black layer is It will fall out layer by layer within a month, and it will be very difficult to repair it later. Therefore, if you want to reduce the cost, our factory proposes to do nothing to solve it, and try not to use acid etching.

  Q7: What is the difference between Derun brand rusting agent and sulfuric acid?

Answer: The basic principle is completely different. Sulfuric acid is a light yellow color based on the conversion of molten iron into rust water attached to the surface of the steel. The medium and high brand rust agent is a rust inducer, which causes its natural rust work ability and makes it more effective. Change to a stable rust layer in a short period of time (about 30 days)

  Question 8: After the rust layer is stable, is it not easy to rub it off?

Answer: No. After the rust layer of the weather-resistant curtain wall rust steel plate is stable, the rust layer is mainly very strong, but it is not absolutely impossible (if absolutely not, the service life of this stainless steel plate is sexual). When the scale is wiped, there will be trace analysis of rust spots falling off.

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